Finally, My Internship Thesis paper has been accepted 🙂 which at last bring me at the end of almost three years long Journey. When I joined to DU Business school in marketing department,  I didn’t have clear idea about why I’m here. Even I was confused that which one I will choose as my major concentration.  I was inspired by some of my friends those were admitted to MBA program in different business schools. But when the time progressed, I had the idea why I’m here.

The time I passed here that really exciting. I find lots of good friends and well wishers from different professional backgrounds some of them with very high profiles. In their close touch, I came to learn many things and ideas that I couldn’t even think of before.

I have many mixed unforgettable memories at this DU campus. I will definitely miss that campus. I can never forget those exciting moments that I spent here with my friends. I can’t forget that Addabazi, Random roaming through the campus.

The following things that I will definitely miss:

  • Addabazi in TSC (one of my favorite place in DU)
  • Egg mam lets and Sweets from Madhu da’s  Canteen.
  • Delicious Food of Nirob (Vorta vagi and brain fry)
  • Biriyani from Haji Nanna (This is the best biriyani in Dhaka in my choice)
  • Roaming with Rickshaw in Fuller Road. (nice place for roaming in evening time)
  • Top roof of fine arts Buildings.
  • Bot Tola in front of Arts buildings.
  • Some of our funny and interesting professors.
  • Cha mama der lal cha r Ice cream mamar Ice cream.

Things that need to forget:

  • Lift of business faculty (You never know whether you can reach the destination)
  • Canteen of Business faculty (You will feel more panic and pain rather than taste)
  • Computers in Lab/class room (Anti-virus vendors can easily update their database from here, all categories are available here)
  • Our Study room (Magnitude 5 earthquake is enough to destroy this)
  • Of course some irritating professors of Marketing Department (Name can’t be mention)

In this long journey, I have lots of memories and experiences that really never be old. Its helps me to think in a new way. But the reality is, all things must have an ending. that is the ending. I had some bad memories also but I don’t want to  share those in this happy moment.

I’m really thankful to all my friends and faculty members for their co-operation. Without their co-operation I couldn’t achieve this goal.

Good bye DU Campus but I will miss you always.